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From time to time we produce items for sale as mementoes or reference documents concerning our activities.

On this page we will show you what is available, (or what has been available).

Currently Available

A Postcard showing the Stafford men is now available from members of the group at events.

Maybe they will be available soon from local information centres and even local shops, if we can organise it.

The postcard is standard size with a short note about us on the back.

It looks like this:

postcard.jpg (25289 bytes)

For outlets and prices watch this space.

Formerly Available

In 1982 a book was produced for the 25th anniversary of the Stafford Morris Men.
It contains a lot of very interesting facts about the origins of the Morris
in the area and the founding of the present club.

This one is known as the RED BOOK

It runs to 36 pages and can be read by clicking the index page below.

wpe36668.gif (10151 bytes)

In 1997 to celebrate 40 years of our existence we published a book called

Who's Who?

This book gave a snapshot of the club's status at the time and included some pictures of the members, together with a pocket history of their personal details and their Morris likes and dislikes. The pictures are shown below.

Fortunately, none of the men has aged since the photos were taken! However, some are no longer dancing with us regularly, some of our regulars missed the photo -call and sadly, some are no longer with us.    

This one is known as the GREEN BOOK!

PAtoCC.jpg (47542 bytes)

ADtoCJ.jpg (43472 bytes)

TLtoAR.jpg (43662 bytes)

GTDTCTAWFWJW.jpg (27555 bytes)

If so don't tell us we are not responsible for them.


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