If you want to use some of the best talent available, without putting more people on your books, we have the solution.

The people concerned all have proven track records, mainly in the engineering field, but we are a skilled and versatile bunch and our capability list is growing daily.

We can fix a light switch, give a lecture on ISO 9001 in Argentina, take an important client to an airport, organise your documents, produce a training video, or even run a barn dance.

We offer no guarantees (other than our reputation) and we do not usually supply equipment, but we know where to get it.

We provide the people with the skills. you provide the means for them to use those skills.


We will give an estimate of the time, manpower and cost of a job.

The costs will obviously depend on what you want and where you want it done.

You can pay as you wish, an hourly rate, a total bill, in parts, or by instalments, but if you do not have an account it will be cash on delivery and expenses at cost in advance.

Stage payments may also be required.

We will not undertake contracts on behalf of our members, but individuals may be prepared to do so.

We are in this for the money - you are in it for convenience and confidence.