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Who's Who ?

This page gives details of the current officers

Role Name Address
Past President Alfred Eley R.I.P. 2016
Master John Edwards 5, Oak Close,
Church Eaton
ST20 0AQ

Tel: O1785 823O67

Deputy Master Anthony Piddock 16 Salt Avenue
ST17 9LP

Tel: O1785 6O3973


Stella Machin

4 Berry Road,
ST16 1SE,

Tel: 01785 249806

Treasurer Fred Pye 3. Falmouth Avenue
Weeping Cross
Stafford, ST17 0JQ

Tel: 66O915

Council Member Michael Farmer  
Council Member (stock) Peter Glover  
Council Member (social subcommittee) Michael Haywood  
Council Member (Trustees' delegate) Phillip Kinnersley  
Council Member (social subcommittee) Carol Lake  
Council Member (archives) Brian Piddock  
Council Member Trevor Reeves  
Council Member (social subcommittee) Ray Spurway  
Council Member (membership) Paul Targett  
Council Member Richard Williams  
Hon. Historian Jack Kemp  

Guild Council Data

Address 1
Address 2
Edwards John 5 Oak Close Church Eaton Stafford Staffs ST20 0AQ O1785 823O67  O7474 339917
Farmer Michael 6 Garth Close   Stafford Staffs ST17 9BF O1785 245442
Griffin Terence 27 Buckland Road Parkside Stafford Staffs ST16 1UA O1785 6O1189
Glover Peter 70 Lodgefield Park Baswich Stafford Staffs ST17 0YE
Haywood Michael 1 Warwick Road   Stafford Staffs ST17 4 PD
Kinnersley Phillip 54 Doxey   Stafford Staffs ST16 1EB O1785 225227
Lake Carol 123 First Avenue Holmcroft Stafford Staffs ST16 1QE
Machin Stella 4 Berry Road   Stafford Staffs ST16 1 SE O1785 2498O6
Piddock Anthony 16 Salt Avenue   Stafford Staffs ST17 4DP O1785 6O3973  O7948 962957  
Piddock Brian 16 Taylor Walk Western Downs Stafford Staffs ST17 9LP O1785 61237O
Pye Fred 3 Falmouth Avenue Weeping Cross Stafford Staffs ST17 0JQ O1785 660915
Reeves Trevor 303, Eccleshall Rd.   Stafford Staffs ST16 1PE O1785 601222    
Spurway Ray 148 Crab Lane  Holmcroft Stafford Staffs ST16 1SP O1785 2561O4 O77O9 888OO7
Target Paul 37 Torrington Avenue   Stafford Staffs ST17 0JF O1785662753
Williams Richard. 19 Clare Road Holmcroft Stafford Staffs ST16 1PX O1785 224984 
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