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The Freemen of Stafford Borough 1100 to 1997

The Honorary Historian and Archivist of the Freemen's Guild, Jack Kemp, a former Mayor of the Borough has published a book about the Freemen from 1100 to 1997.

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It contains a lot of interesting information about the burgesses and the many other folk who have played their part in the creation of The Borough of Stafford.

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Some reproductions of Notices for Swearing In of the Burgesses add to understanding of the history.
A remarkable amount of data is still available from hundreds of years ago.

The page shown relates to the 14th century.

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The book contains a list of 7344 names of burgesses gleaned from many years of research.

The list begins with Walter de Stafford (1164) and ends with John Edwards, the Web master of this site (1997).

The book is available from local shops, or from the Guild for 10.00 including postage.

An e-mail to will put you in touch with a source of this fascinating document.

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