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A Flag for Staffordshire
The design below has been registered as the official flag of the historic county. The county council banner with a blue lion can be flown, but it only represents some 40% where the SCC has authority.

The new flag coveres the Potteries, Black Country and other parishes that were excluded in 1974 and can be flown by anyone in the county and elsewhere.

Flags are available from the Heritage Group, c/o

(5 ft x 3 ft for 5 plus postage)

Stafford Burgesses are members of the Staffordshire Heritage Group, which covers the Historic County of Staffordshire.
The Group asks you to support their design of the proposed County flag.

There is a vote taking place at to choose between two designs. Votes must be in before 27th March 2016.

It is unclear whether the County Council, (which only covers some 40% of the historic county), has withdrawn its design. It is important that we do not get a flag with an irrelevant blue top showing a leopard symbolising the County Council's authority, and a minuscule, misshapen, reverse-tied knot. That flag could not be flown in the Potteries or the Black Country which both have long Staffordshire heritages, as it would imply SCC authority. The Heritage Group version simply has the Stafford Knot prominently displayed on a background of the arms of the Norman lords of Staffordshire.
To many people inside and outside the county it is the knot that says 'Staffordshire'.

If you live or work in the Historic County, I hope you will see fit to support the heritage group Flag by voting at: and following the Staffordshire link. shows a map of Historic Staffordshire.

Any friends or relatives living or working in historic Staffordshire are also able to vote, so please pass on this message.
Many thanks John Edwards

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badgeknot.jpg (1746 bytes)