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(Sent with this covering letter)


Text Box: President Elect - Alfred Eley
30 Coronation Rd, Stafford ST16 3JR
01785 223782
Master - John Edwards
5,Oak Close, Church Eaton, Stafford ST20 0AQ
01785 823067
Deputy Master - Ant Piddock
16, Salt Ave, Stafford ST17 4DP
01785 603973
Secretary  Richard Williams
19, Clare Road, Holmcroft, Stafford, ST16 1PX
01785 224984
Treasurer  Fred Pye
3, Falmouth Ave., Weeping Cross, Stafford ST17 0JQ
01785 660915
Membership Sec.- Terry Griffin 
27, Buckland Road, Parkside, Stafford ST16 1UA
01785 601189
Subscriptions for the year 2010/2011
(1st Nov 2010 to 31st Oct 2011)

Dear Burgess,

May I respectfully remind you that our records show that you have not yet paid your annual subscription for this 2010 / 2011 period.

I do hope therefore that you will not be offended by this reminder and look forward to receiving your subscription payment of 10.00, or 8.00 for senior citizens, at your earliest convenience.

Please do NOT send cash. It would however, be much appreciated if you will kindly make your payment by cheque, postal order made out to Stafford Freemen's Guild and send it to our treasurer, address opposite.

Payment may also be made by bank transfer. We would be grateful if you could issue a bank standing order using the details below.

Best wishes and trusting in your continued support.

                                                       Terry Griffin

                                                       Guild Membership Secretary

Text Box: Bank Details for Standing Orders
Account Name:       Stafford Freemen's Guild
Bank Address:        Yorkshire Bank
                                    52 Greengate Street
                                    ST16 2SR
Account Number:   50592655
Sort Code:                05-09-26
Date Payable:          1st November (Annually)





















archive data


2001 Information letter and questionnaire.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to Guild Members and intended to be sent to all burgesses.

Up to date information is difficult to obtain and any information about burgesses who have changed addresses, left the area, died, changed names etc will permit us to avoid embarrassment or waste resources.

You may e-Mail details to if you wish, or write to the secretary who's details are on the home page.

Dear Freeman,

You will, we hope, be aware of the existence of the "The Freeman's Guild", with membership open to all persons who have been sworn in as Burgesses of the Borough of Stafford.

As someone who's name appears on the Roll of Freemen, we would like you to join the Guild and to participate in our activities. If you are already a member of the Guild, you will know that we have had a successful and enjoyable programme of events. Most recently the conducted tour of the Palace of Westminster, for only 10, including transport to London, was an excellent day out.

The activities to date have been mainly social and certain members feel that we should expand our role to more practical community activities. It is also felt that such activities would help to maintain our traditional role as guardians of the standards and traditions of Stafford. There are some 250 people currently eligible to join, many in responsible and influential positions in the Borough, and many with a great deal of knowledge about the County Town and its history. As such, we should be a significant voice in the community.

There have been several suggestions for such activities and some of these are listed below. We would like to know if you would be prepared to help in any (or all) of these enterprises. We would also like to hear any other ideas you may have on appropriate activities for the Guild or Freemen in general.

If you are not prepared to participate, it would be helpful to know: a) why not, and b) what your objectives were for your status as a Burgess of the Borough when you were sworn in. Maybe, we have missed the point of your decision to seek membership of this ancient office, so we could then try to address your needs. [We would like to think that the accusation "that it was a means of getting an hour off work", applies to very few of our number.] The membership fee of 5 (3 OAPs) should hardly present a problem, but if it does we can probably come to some arrangement.

Some years ago, a major campaign was mounted to save the Freemen's allotments on Coton fields from being sold for development. The Burgesses, at that time, achieved a significant victory in preserving the long held right of freemen to work such plots of land. The current trustees do a great job in ensuring that those rights remain in tact, indeed, many of the preserved allotments are now a great credit to those who work them.

However, in the recent years (50 is recent in our history), Stafford has undergone many changes, not all for the better. In many cases there has been no reaction until it is too late. Interesting buildings have gone, or been ruined; traffic development has destroyed landmarks, (what happened to Gaol Square?); pubs have lost their characters, even their identities; and housing developments threaten to destroy the atmosphere of historic sites like The Castle. Even filling up pits may affect flooding as we have seen recently!

  1. One idea is that each freeman be allocated a small part of the borough: to monitor for unauthorised alterations, of appearance or use, and to view planning applications while there is time to respond. If it looks as though the heritage of our borough is threatened, we could, at least object as a group, rather than having individuals moaning afterwards; that "Somebody" should have done something! This has not been thought out fully, but if you are prepared to help please tell us.
  2. Another idea involves a project to produce, or co-ordinate, archive material in video, audio, photographic, or web based formats. Many individuals are doing such work, but they all seem to be working in isolation. Likewise, the various historical groups in the town have a wealth of data, which we may be able to correlate. We have no intention to supplant any of these valuable activities, only to ensure that residents of the Borough (and beyond) are aware of them. If there are obvious omissions, we may be able to fill the gaps. Should you have any expertise or interest in this area, we would be pleased to hear from you.
  3. Last year we raised some money for "The Talking Newspaper" and had an interesting talk about its aims and production. It became obvious that they, and doubtless may other worthy charities in town, need practical assistance. As a body, with contacts in almost every facet of the life of the town, we may be in a position to encourage people to support these groups with their own expertise. Money raising is a possibility, but it is not the sort of role we have in mind, as others can do that better.

These are just some thoughts on possible additional roles for the Guild. We will continue the social programme, support the Mayor on civic occasions, back the allotment trustees, encourage the Council to continue the practice of Swearing in Burgesses, and sell Jack Kemp's excellent book.

If you can help us with any of these new ideas, please inform our secretary.

We look forward to hearing from you.

SIGNED (Hon Secretary of the Guild)


Please Complete, Detach and Return (No response will be taken as "no interest, so we need not bother you again.)

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