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The Web site for the Coton Fields Allotments - the major asset of Stafford Burgesses is

Stafford Burgesses now have a Facebook presence at


The next Annual Burgesses Meeting will be held in the Walton Room of Stafford Borough Council on

Monday 21st January 2019 starting at 7.30 p.m.
These meetings are open to all burgesses.

(For agendas and minutes of the 2018 meeting plus previous minutes click here)

The Annual Dinner will be held on Friday 25th January at Brocton Hall.


Once again the Guild and the Trustees will decorate Christmas Trees at St Mary's Church.

Thanks to all who helped with last year's superb displays.

There was a Swearing-in Court on 22nd November 2017 when eight new burgesses were admitted by the Mayor, Councillor Aiden Godfrey.

We welcome these new burgesses.

The Guild AGM took place on 21st November - to read the Master's Report Click Here.

The Guild took part in the annual Remembrance service and parade and a wreath was laid by the master.

Stafford Burgesses were pleased to participate in the Mayor-making Ceremony and Parade on 13th May 2017

Please ensure that we have your latest e-mail if you did not receive this information.

We are pleased to inform you that one of our number, Claire Spurway, had a very successful trip to South Korea to
participate in the world Masters Athletic Championships.

She obtained a Bronze, a Silver and a Gold Medal in three sprint categories. We offer our congratulations.

She is seen in the picture with members of the Guild Council, who were able to provide some modest sponsorship.

The Annual Meeting of Burgesses to review the work of the Trustees and make new appointments' was held
on Monday 16th January 2017 in the Walton Room of the Stafford Borough Council, Riverside, Stafford.
The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Geoff Collier.

For the Agenda and minutes of previous meetings click here


For a quick summary of the Burgesses' organisation, activities and responsibilities click here
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This Guild of Burgesses, (or Freemen), is a historic and ancient body committed to the County Town of Staffordshire:
The Borough of Stafford



A contingent from Stafford Guild attended the FEW Court Meeting at the Guildhall in Henley-in-Arden on Saturday 18h March 2017.

Five members: Phill Kinnersley, Ant Piddock, Brian Piddock, Ray Spurway and John Edwards, (in his role as Warden for the North Midlands), can be seen in the Photographs. The President of FEW and the High Bailiff of Henley Court Leet are seen in the foreground.

This was a valuable meeting with lots of information about the activities of the many guilds around the country as well as completing the official businesses of FEW.

In the light of some recent developments at Stafford, the support of FEW and its expertise could be very beneficial, as the status of Freemen and their lands is constantly changing.


There has been a great deal of misinformation circulating about the Freemen's lands at Coton Fields.

Absolutely nothing has been done and there are no proposals to sell the primary asset of Stafford Burgesses.

All this has emanated from a valid question, raised at the Annual Burgesses meeting, about the security of our tenure in the light of our realising that there are bodies, such as Severn Trent, with powers to override ancient rights.

The concern was what we should do if we found we were vulnerable and the scribe was instructed to check this.

It was noted that Freemen in other places have disposed of some, or all, of their material assets and invested the money elsewhere, but there was no proposal that we should do so.

No individual stands, (or even expects), to make any personal gain from any such transaction.


A copy of the Press release can be seen on the Coton Fields web site by clicking here.




Newly-sworn Burgesses of Stafford pictued with the Mayor, Mayoress, Guild Master and Guild members after the 2016 Court.

Thanks once again to Paul Milgate-Scarratt for the picture.

A Flag for Staffordshire

The design submitted by the Staffordshire Heritage Group to which the Burgesses belong

won the ballot for a flag for the Historic County of Staffordshire.

Thanks to anyone who voted for us.

This is now the registered official flag.

Click the flag for more details

To see the programme for members of the Staffordshire Heritage group click here

Some pictures of recent events. See more on our Facebook page detailed above.

Summer Lunch (photos soon)
Perrin Memorial (photos soon)
Boat trip from Norbury (photos soon)

Mayormaking 2016


A beautiful day, historic traditions,

big crowds and a good turn out of

Stafford Burgesses.

Good luck to Councillor Collins

during his Mayoral Year.

Pictures courtesy of Neil James.

(Others later.)

Caverswall Castle


An enjoyable and instructive return
visit to Caverswall Castle.

Thanks to Robin and Louise for the hospitality,

to Pete Glover for the arrangements

and to Paul Milgate for the photographs.

1 Burgesses with the new Staffordshire Flag

2 The flag flying over the castle

3 Some of the visitors after the tour

4 A beautiful view of the ponds

5 Guests enjoying the excellent buffet

6 Carol Lake with the flag on the roof

Another well attended Skilles night at the Cons Club. Pictures later
Delegates from Stafford Guild attended the
Court Meeting of the Freemen of England and Wales
at Alcester on 12thMarch 2016.

Ray Spurway, Phill Kinnersley,
John Edwards (in Warden's Robes),
and Ant Piddock are seen in
Meeting Lane after the meeting.

Click here to read the revised constitution approved at the 2015 EGM.

The primary purpose was to change the title of the organisation to "Burgesses Guild" to bring it in line with current practice.

"The Stafford Burgess" is an occasional publication to tell Burgesses and others what we have been doing recently. To see the latest, (2015 dinner), issue of  click this link

For a quick summary of the Burgesses' organisation, activities and responsibilities click here
To learn more about Stafford Burgesses click the links below.

Thanks again to Paul Milgate for the pictures.

Stafford Guild is a member of the Freemen of England and Wales

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