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This is the place to learn about the past and present activities of holders of this ancient office.

The Web site for the Coton Fields Allotments - the major asset of Stafford Burgesses is

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This Guild of Burgesses, (or Freemen)  is a historic and ancient body committed to the County Town of Staffordshire:
The Borough of Stafford
A Flag for Staffordshire

The design submitted by the Staffordshire Heritage Group

won the ballot for a flag for the Historic County of Staffordshire.

Thanks to anyone who voted for us.

This is now the registered official flag.

Click the flag for more details

A beautiful day, historic traditions,

big crowds and a good turn out for

Stafford Burgesses.

Good luck to Councillor Collins

during his Mayoral Year.

Pictures courtesy of Neil James.

(Others later.)

An enjoyable and instructive return Visit to Caverswall Castle.

Thanks to Robin and Louise for the hospitality,

to Pete Glover for the arrangements

and to Paul Milgate for the photographs.

1 Burgesses with the new Staffordshire Flag

2 The flag flying over the castle

3 Some of the visitors after the tour

4 A beautiful view of the ponds

5 Guests enjoying the excellent buffet

6 Carol Lake with the flag on the roof

Another well attended Skilles night at the Cons Club. Pictures later
Delegates from Stafford Guild attended the
Court Meeting of the Freemen of England and Wales
at Alcester on 12thMarch 2016.

Ray Spurway, Phill Kinnersley,
John Edwards (in Warden's Robes),
and Ant Piddock are seen in
Meeting Lane after the meeting.

Click here to read the revised constitution approved at the 2015 EGM.

The primary purpose was to change the title of the organisation to "Burgesses Guild" to bring it in line with current practice.

"The Stafford Burgess" is an occasional publication to tell Burgesses and others what we have been doing recently. To see the latest, (2015 dinner), issue of  click this link

For a quick summary of the Burgesses' organisation, activities and responsibilities click here
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Fifteen people were sworn in by the Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Peter Jones, on 23rd July 2015

New and current Burgesses of Stafford with the Mayor at the Burgesses' Court

For more pictures click here

Thanks again to Paul Milgate for the pictures.

Stafford Guild is a member of the Freemen of England and Wales

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