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This is the place to learn about the past and present activities of holders of this ancient office.

The Web site for the Coton Fields Allotments - the major asset of Stafford Burgesses is

This Company of Freemen or Burgesses is a historic and ancient body committed to the County Town of Staffordshire:
The Borough of Stafford

Stafford Guild will host this year's
AGM Weekend for the Freemen of England and Wales
from 19th to 21st September 2014

 at Yarnfield Conference Centre (ST15 0NL)
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Guild Representatives after the Battle of Britain Commemoration 2014

Guild members at St Mary's awaiting the Ciivic Party for Battle of Britain 2014

There was a Swearing-in Ceremony for new burgesses on Thursday 31st July 2014 in the County Council Chamber, Martin Street, Stafford
Fourteen burgesses were sworn in at this ancient ceremony, (pictures later).

The Guild was well represented at Mayor-making on May 10th 2014. Despite the traditional rain it was a splendid occasion marking 400 years since the installation of Mathew Craddock, the first Mayor of Stafford.

Stafford Guild is in the North Midlands Area of the Freemen of England and Wales. Click here for details

The Master and Deputy attended the FEW Court Meeting on Saturday 15th March 2014 at the Freemen's Holt in Leicester

The Courts are where the business of FEW is conducted and reports received from Officers and Wardens.
Sadly they are not well attended, but the picture below shows some of those at the latest meeting.

Stafford Guild is a member of the Freemen of England and Wales

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