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The Freemen's Allotment Lands

The Burgesses are guardians of a plot of land in the Coton Fields area of the town, where for many years, tenancy of an allotment has been one of the rights of the Burgesses. At one time this was a very valuable privilege, as it could provide a person with sufficient land to feed his family, at least as far as fruit and vegetables were concerned. He would also be able to sell, or barter, any excess produce to obtain other needs.

The current allotment area is considerably less than it used to be, with much of the new building east of Sandon Road being on former Freemen's Land, annexed by Stafford Borough Council in the mid 20th century. Moves in the 1990s to dispose of the remaining land met fierce opposition from the Burgesses and, following the creation of a large number of new Freemen, the situation concerning the rights and responsibilities of the Trustees was rectified and clarified.

The allotments are now run by a dozen Burgesses, who are appointed as trustees at an annual meeting, usually chaired by the Mayor of Stafford. All Sworn Burgesses are entitled to attend and vote. They receive reports on the State of the allotments and the work of the trustees during the previous 12 months.

The Minutes of recent Annual Meetings can be seen by clicking here.

The Current Trustees are listed below:

Status Name Surname Address 1 Address 2 Town Postcode
Scribe John Edwards 5 Oak Close, Church Eaton Stafford ST20 0AQ
Trustee Michael Farmer 6 Garth Close   Stafford ST17 9BF
Trustee Martin Griffin 2 Swan Close   Stafford ST16 1AV
Treasurer Terry Griffin 27 Buckland Road Parkside Stafford ST16 1UA
Trustee David Hanlon 6 Milford Road Walton-on-the-Hill Stafford ST17 0LA
Trustee Roger Harrison 26 Wolsley Road   Stafford ST16 3XN
Trustee Michael Haywood 2 Martindale Wildwood Stafford ST17 4 RB
Webmaster Jack Hope     Stafford  
Chairman Phillip Kinnersley 54 Doxey   Stafford ST16 1EB
V-Chairman Derek Luker 23 Marlborough Avenue   Stafford ST16 3SG
Site Admin Ray Spurway 148,Crab Lane   Stafford ST16 1SP
Trustee Alan Watkins 18 Doxey   Stafford ST16 2EW

The Web site for the Coton Fields Allotments - the major asset of Stafford Burgesses is

During the period 2003-2004 a Working group was established to oversee the Regeneration of the Allotments, which were becoming overgrown and poorly used. This group has made significant progress recently, with many improvements effected or scheduled. The group is a joint effort by Gardeners, Trustees, Burgesses and other interested parties. This culminated in the establishment of a management committee to oversee the day to day administration of the site.

The chairman of the management committee, Mr Derek Hill, was invited to attend the trustees' meetings and liaison was excellent until mid 2011,when the committee encountered various personality and administrative problems. At that point, Mr Hill resigned and the committee was disbanded, returning the administration of the allotments to the trust.

The Allotments Association is a corporate group of gardeners who provide services to gardeners and run the "Association Shed" o the site.

Details of the work of the Allotments Association, together with information for tenants, are given in a publication called:

"The Coton Fielder"

Click the title to view the latest issue.

Nowadays, as not all the plots are needed for the use of burgesses, many are let to non-burgess gardeners and anyone desiring a plot
 is encouraged to contact the Site Administrator on
07709 888007


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