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Jobs Relating to Church Eaton Village Institute


¨       Chair regular meetings of the Management Committee.

¨       Approve Minutes.

¨       Compile Chairman’s Report for AGM.

¨       Chair AGM.

¨       Act as liaison officer with Trustees, informing them of significant developments and relaying any trustee instructions to the managing sub-committee.

¨       Act as the spokesman for “The Institute” with village organisations, press, community council, local authorities, etc.

¨       Ensure that various checks are carried out to comply with required legislation and recommended rules.
These include: Fire inspections, Extinguishers and safety devices, Electrical systems, Public health, Asbestos surveys, First Aid, Boiler servicing, etc.

¨       Act in the case of emergencies like break-ins, or accidents.

Optional Jobs for Chairman.

¨       Write articles for Church Magazine.

¨       Liaison with hirers in the event of problems or queries.

¨       Regular visits to the hall to determine what needs to be done to keep the building functional.

¨       Various items of DIY, such as: minor repairs, maintenance of hall equipment, unblocking drains, vermin control, minor plumbing work.

¨       Liaison with neighbours to resolve matters such as hooligans on the car park, excessive noise, bad parking, waste bins.

¨       Coöperation with other village groups like Festival Committee, Parish Council, or Church.

¨       Reviewing expenditure, such as electricity bills, oil consumption, water rates, work involving contractors.

¨       Reviewing accounts with auditor.

¨       Review minutes of meetings with secretary before issue to committee members.


¨       Act as a focal point for correspondence to and from the Management Committee.

¨       Take notes and compile minutes of meetings and AGM.

¨       Compile agendas for meetings, (possibly with notes to minimise discussion time).

¨       Distribute minutes and other information to Committee members and Trustees.

¨       Review incoming information, such as Community Council data and inform Committee if appropriate.

¨       Present correspondence to committee meetings and respond as instructed.

¨       Ensure regular registrations, insurances and licences are updated, submitted for committee approval and implemented.

¨       Apply for assistance on behalf of the Committee in respect of Grants, Volunteer groups, technical support, village halls advisor and local authorities.

Optional Jobs for Secretary

¨       Liaison with contractors.

¨       Liaison with cleaner, gardener, Glebelands, or other individuals working on the hall.

¨       Completing various forms and applications for licences, inspections, surveys, etc.

¨       Insurance extensions for festival activities etc.


¨       Manage income and expenditure by collecting money and paying bills.

¨       Control banking of money, including bank transfers and optimising income from assets.

¨       Compile handwritten records of money transactions and transcribe to computerised records.

¨       Manage internet banking and verify correctness of statements, charges, interest etc.

¨       Compile balance and significant expenditure reports for Committee meetings and answer any financial questions from members.

¨       Advise on availability of funds for major expenditure.

¨       Compile Annual Accounts for verification and auditing and present them at the AGM.

¨       Liaison with auditor on content of accounts books and bank statements.

¨       Manage petty cash account and pay cleaner’s expenses and other minor expenditure.

Optional jobs for Treasurer.

¨       Collect fees from hirers

¨       Send out reminders and invoices for late payers.

¨       Analyse sources of income and recommend budget for committee approval.

¨       Recommend appropriate hire charges for committee approval.

¨       Collect cash at various functions run by the Committee and ensure safe banking.

Bookings Secretary

¨       Compile diary to ensure that hirers and potential hirers have information on availability of the hall.

¨       Obtain dates and period of non-use from regular hirers to permit correct billing by treasurer.

¨       Act as bookings contact for groups or individuals wishing to use the hall on casual or regular bases.

¨       Inform potential hirers of charges agreed by committee.

¨       Inform potential hirers of terms and conditions for use of the hall, such as decoration, clear-up, charges for additional cleaning, use of equipment.

¨       Take potential hirers to the hall and explain facilities and requirements.

¨       Administer the Hire Agreement with individuals and groups.

¨       Advise users of the legislation applicable to their hire and if appropriate advise them of the necessity to obtain Temporary Event Notices.

¨       Advise users about Premises Licences, PRS, PPL and Pro-dub requirements ensuring that they understand their responsibilities in such matters.

¨       Issue keys and collect returned keys.

¨       Collect fees or arrange payment methods with treasurer.

¨       Arrange for any additional requirements of hirers, such as tablecloths, salt, cooking equipment.

¨       Arrange for supporting services such as laundry, hall restoration and inspection after casual hires.

Charity Commission Correspondent

¨       Ensure that the Names of Trustees are kept up to date

¨       Complete the annual return

¨       Submit summary accounts to verify that annual income is under the £25,000 limit when full accounts are required. (Was £10,000.)

¨       Register with ‘Guidestar’ to ensure that compliance with charity status is retained.

¨       Inform Trustees and Committee of circumstances which may affect the charitable status of the Institute.

Committee Members

¨       Attend Monthly Committee Meetings

¨       Help make policy decisions and authorise expenditure.

¨       Compile programmes of activities and help to implement them.

¨       Accept corporate responsibility for the day to day management of the hall.

¨       Support Institute activities and assist with the organisation of committee events.

¨       Contribute knowledge and expertise to ensure that the Institute remains viable.


¨       Regular cleaning programme to ensure that the hall remains clean, safe and attractive to hirers.

¨       Additional cleaning after certain events to restore the hall to good condition for regular hirers.

¨       Self motivated working under the general supervision of one or more Committee Members.


¨       When necessary the gardener will be self employed. The duties are to keep the exterior of the hall safe and tidy by grass cutting, hedge trimming and weeding.


Currently there is no regular caretaker, so various caretaking duties are undertaken on a voluntary basis by officers, committee members, cleaner, and other volunteers.


A number of “Friends of the Institute” volunteer to provide help and expertise on an ad hoc basis or on working parties to assist the Committee to keep the hall in good condition.


¨       Under the terms of the original gift of the land and the building in 1892, a group of trustees was established under the chairmanship of the Rector, ‘for the time being’, of Church Eaton.

¨       There is no specified meeting frequency for the trustees. When, in the early days the trustees ran the hall directly, the meetings were quarterly, but since the decision to appoint a sub-committee to manage the hall; such meetings have been less frequent. However, with modern communications techniques the Trustees are able to communicate easily without formal meetings.

¨       Originally, the Trustees were members of the donating Wyley family plus churchwardens, but over the past 100 years there have been various documented and undocumented changes, resulting in the current system in the 1930s.

¨       Currently, the Rector invites two other people, who are sworn in under the legal jurisdiction of Hand, Morgan and Owen, Solicitors, to jointly own the land and building. These trustees have the duty of ensuring that the original objectives, of providing a facility for the benefit of parishioners, are met.

¨       The trustees are responsible for the appointment and monitoring of a Management Committee to run the hall on their behalf.

¨       The Trustees receive copies of minutes and are consulted if any major developments or changes are proposed for the hall. The Chairman should consult with them regularly.

¨       Trustees are available to assist the Committee if required and they are normally represented at Annual General Meetings.

¨       The trustees have the right to veto the appointment of any, or all, Management Committee members.  Indeed, in the 1920s the Rector of the day did sack the complete committee for mismanagement

¨       The appointment of a number of “Life Members” to monitor the management of the hall, which was set up in the 1930s, lapsed with the death of Mr Tommy Lockett in 2008.

¨       Current Trustees are:

o   The Reverend Sue Symonds, Rector of Church Eaton, who took office on the retirement of Rev. Peter Ashby.

o   His Honour Judge Jonathon Gosling, who was appointed in 1996 following the death of Mr Ian Kidson.
He has had a long standing involvement in the Institute.
Judge Gosling has expressed a desire to step down from this position and Mrs Julie Howarth has agreed to undertake the role, but has not yet been formally appointed.

o   Mr Trevor Houghton, who was appointed in 2009 following the death of Mr John Evans.
He has had many years of involvement in the running of the Institute.


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