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Church Eaton Festival Artists and Makers Fair
7th & 8th July 2007

This year's Artist and Makers Fair was held at
Oaklands Studios in Wood Eaton Road.
It was open on both days of the festival from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm.

We had a mix of new artists and old favourites returning with new work. It was a great opportunity to see some of the best local talent the area can offer.

It was possible to talk to the artists about their skills, understand the commitment and time put into each and every piece they make and perhaps buy something to take away or maybe commission a piece. either way you will have something unique to treasure.

Shown below is a list of artists presently attending together with their web addresses, please visit them and enjoy.                                                                    Bob Thacker

Carrie Adlington


Carrie uses photography to explore and interpret familiar occurrences into images that evoke a since of wonder towards the world we live in

Art 57

Mixed media

Out to prove new British artists don't have to be "Young British Artists" this group of new graduates will be exhibiting a mixed media show

Rita Banks

Landscape & portrait artist

Rita’s work is inspired by light on objects, painting the mood of the moment by exploration of media, technique and emotion

Carole Glover

Wood fired slip ware

Carole uses both thrown and slab methods to produce her slip decorated pottery. Red earthenware clay is wood fired to give a raw sophisticated finish.

Sarah Lockitt

Portraits in pencil

Based in Stretton Sarah creates beautiful honest likenesses of people, pets and local scenes. Her work is popular here and abroad

Rachel Millington

Textiles & mixed media

Rachel creates colourful mixed media art by developing her own interpretations of mages. Pattern and colour are her driving force with close attention to detail

Angela Smith       

Hand made jewellery

Angela is well known in the area for her exquisite hand made jewellery and will have her full range at the show for you to enjoy

Bob Thacker

Fused & stained glass

Bob makes traditional stained glass with a modern twist and silver mounted dichroic glass jewellery. The form and colour of his pieces will delight

If you  need further information, please contact Bob Thacker on O1785 823663

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