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Church Eaton Blog

Tell Church Eaton (and the world) what you think !

The address is:

The Blog is where anyone can comment on topic of interest to the village.

Current topics:
 Recreation, The Village Institute, King Street Wind Farm, Village Festival,
Youth Club, Visitor's Comments, Village Sign.

It you want a new topic started e-mail the webmaster by clicking here

If you are not familiar with blogging, some tips on using this blog can be found by clicking here.

If you have problems posting to the Blog, e-mail your contribution to and it will be added for you.


Please let us have you impressions or memories of the village.
It is great to know who is interested in Church Eaton.

If you want information, we will try to help, but don't forget to give an address, or e-mail the webmaster for a reply.

The Help Section

Help in adding your comments to the Church Eaton Village Blog

  1. The blog should open when you click the link on the front page of the village web site or click the address above,

  2. The main topics are on the left hand side in green.

  3. Chose the topic that interests you and click the comments tag

  4. That will take you to a new page with other people's comments on the left and a frame on the right for you to leave your comment.

  5. You can type in your contribution directly, but I suggest that you compile it in Word, or some other programme, where it can be easily edited and spell checked.

  6. You can then copy {Control + C} it and paste {Control + V} it into the blog box.

  7. You then move down to "Choose an Identity" where you have four options, but I should ignore the Open ID option for this site.

  8. That leaves you to select from Google / Blogger, Name /URL, or Anonymous.

  9. If you choose the first option you will have to enter your User Name and Password which you obtained when you registered. Registration is free and this option will let you include pictures or personal information with your comment. (When I set up the blog initially this was the only option, but it does restrict the access.)

  10. If you choose "Anonymous" your identity will not be known, but your contribution will be devalued as any idiot can enter rubbish under the guise of anonymity. Some people have used this, then put their name in the text, which is a bit better

  11. I hope you will choose Name / URL and type your name into the relevant box. Most people will ignore the optional URL box.

  12. Enter your comment into the box then click the orange "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT" box and, shortly afterwards, your comment will be available for everyone to see.

At the moment anybody can make a comment without registering or using the visual identification test, which ensures that the contributor is human, not a computer.

If this Blog gets full of SPAM, I may need to reinstate the restrictions. If so, these notes will be updated.

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