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Church Eaton Recreational Society (C.E.R.S.)

The decision was made to wind up this group and transfer the funds and equipment to the Village Institute.

Many thanks to the people who have helped CERS to improve village facilities and provide a variety of entertainment over the past eight years. Hopefully, the new arrangement will continue to provide Church Eaton with similar services without duplicating such things as insurance and without calling on the same people for support.

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CERS has received a thanks letter from Help For Heroes. To see it click here.


Outdoor Exercise Equipment. 

The equipment is now in use

The official opening was on September 3rd 2011.
We should see the start of a fitter village of all ages.


CERS will extend the use of the Village Play Park by installing several pieces of exercise equipment.  The intention is to widen the appeal of the park, so that it is enjoyed by wider age groups and whole families.  To fund the project, CERS applied for a ‘Community Spaces Grant’ and were successful with their Stage 1 application. 

Stage 2 (final) is now well underway and was submitted in early December.  What CERS need now is your encouragement and support. If you can offer and help, or a message of support, please get in touch with Phil Jones (01785 823116), Les Beattie (01785 823062) or Jim Barnett (01785 824213) or write to the Village Blog.

Administration and Meetings

This group has been formed to coordinate village recreational facilities following the successful achievements of earlier groups in providing facilities for young people in the village. It became evident that a wider approach was desirable and that such a group would aim to provide recreational facilities for villagers of any age, ability and interest. It was also created to cover a liberal definition of recreation, rather than just sporting activities.

The group now has a constitution, a bank account, appropriate insurance and holds regular meetings, which are open to any villagers.

Information about preceding recreational groups can be found by clicking here

The minutes of meetings will be published here as soon as they are available, amendments may occur later.




28th November 2011

IN ATTENDANCE – Phil Jones (Chair Person), Les Beattie (Treasurer), Trevor Houghton, Nick Lakin, Karen Smith, Martin Smith and Dawn Jones (Secretary).

APOLOGIES – Jim Barnett and Barry Stamp

The Minutes of the meeting held on 18th August were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Financial Report


In hand - £250

OAPs party £150 – a cheque was given to Dawn to pass to the Institute Treasurer – Judy Davis

Grant Application - £777.71 due to come into account during December


There is still the money that was raised for Steve’s Headstone in the account.  After discussion it was agreed that Dawn would contact Simon to find out what was happening regarding this.  The attendees felt that Simon should be asked to ensure that something was in place during February as questions are being asked by residents of Church Eaton why nothing has happened as yet.


Nick volunteered to replace Jonathan as a signatory on the Bank Account.


Outdoor Exercise Equipment


This is now all installed and maintenance has taken place.


A letter needs sending to the supplier of the equipment regarding the ‘bump stops’ as these needed repairing after 5 months.  Les agreed to forward information about which pieces of equipment this involved to Phil and Dawn.  They will then send letter.


An application for a ‘Sustainability Grant’ was applied for and £2100 has been awarded.  Phil explained what this can be used for.  Provisionally it was agreed that –


2 Events to be organised during the next 12 months - £600 in total to be spent on these

Taster sessions (could be Youth Club having a trainer for an evening) - £250 in total to be spent

Publicity Materials to support above - £400 in total

RoSPA Training for 2 delegates - £750 in total

Tool Kit for maintenance purposes


The money has to be spent by 25th September 2012.


Portrait of a Village DVD


A discussion took place regarding the DVD and the lack of mention of CERS.  Phil asked members to email Michael Evans with their own personal thoughts on this.




Ruth Wharton had approached Dawn regarding the lack of money that Church Eaton Toddlers currently have.  It was suggested that a Sponsored Cycle Ride could be organised.  However, given the time of year this was not ideal.  Phil proposed that a donation of £100 was made to them immediately.  Martin seconded this and all agreed.


Diamond Jubilee – 3rd-4th June2012.  Dawn had been approached by Church Eaton Festival Committee (who are organising a Street Party) to see if we would be prepared to run a games event on the afternoon of  4th June.  The following was provisionally agreed – depending upon the amount of people who would be willing to get involved in organising such an event.


-          Start at Play Park

-          Three legged race down High Street to Glebelands

-          Alternative Olympic Games afternoon

-          BBQ

-          Bring your own beverages

-          Family disco during evening


A further meeting in the New Year to be organised to discuss this and who would be willing to help – suggested people Vicky and Chris, Paul and Alison Maxwell and Sally Giles.


Comedy Evening – January/ February – Dawn to find out Institute availability.


Help for Heroes Evening – disco, bar (need to look at alternatives to supply this), raffle etc – possible March/April


New Year’s Eve Family Disco – Dawn to find out numbers of people who would like this to be organised.  Phil and Dawn agreed to organise this if it is required.




Trevor has spoken to someone who has talked to Mr Squires (agent for Bradford Estates).   In due course there could be some land available.  Trevor will try to find out if anything more has happened.


Hire of Equipment


The tent has been booked out twice at the Royal Oak in Church Eaton.


Jim Barnett has booked the tent for New Year’s Eve.


Accounts to date



MEETING MINUTES 3rd March 2011

IN ATTENDANCE – James Barnett, Les Beattie, Trish Houghton, Dawn Jones and Phil Jones.






Apologies were received from Jonathan Bryan, Trevor Houghton, Ralph Howarth, Nick Lakin, Martin Smith and Barry Stamp.



Previous Minutes

The Vice Chair, Phil Jones, thanked the new Secretary for the prompt issues of the minutes.



Finance Report

The accounts are in credit by £9 more than in February due to a rebate from the insurance company.

The new bank account is being processed and should be in place by the end of next week.



Exercise Equipment

Prior to the full CERS meeting Jim, Les and Phil met with Nat Healey to discuss the application.  He had contacted the Secretary earlier in the week informing her that the application had been reviewed and there had been several questions raised about the contents.

After discussion with Nat an action plan was drawn up with what needed to be forwarded.  Jim, Les and Phil have agreed to do this and forward all the relevant documentation by Tuesday 8th March.







Jim, Les and Phil


Future Events

5.1 Steve Spiers Disco

Posters have been printed and placed around the village.

One hundred tickets have been printed – twenty two have already been sold – ten of which are for his Brother, Simon.

Dawn will pass thirty tickets to Martin to sell.

As Martin was not at the meeting we do not know if he has spoken to Eric about the ‘Magic Show’

The Youth Club have agreed that we can use the Wii.


5.2 Royal Rounders

The Venue has not been confirmed as yet.

Trish joined the meeting as a representative from the Village Institute Committee and informed the meeting that:-

-    The Institute will be open both during and after where they will serve tea, coffee and cakes

-    They would like to decorate the Institute with some posters made by the school children.  Dawn volunteered to talk to Mike Winkle about this.  It was suggested by CERS that a prize per year group could be given (which they would fund), perhaps the picture printed on either a plate or mug.  Dawn agreed to research this.

-    The Institute Committee would like to decorate the hall with red, white and blue bunting.  Dawn offered the Festival Bunting to them for use, so long as it was returned promptly.

-    One Institute Committee member had suggested a Fancy Dress Competition.  Everyone thought this was a good idea and fully supported the Institute Committee in organising this.

-    Another suggestion was that some games for the younger children could be organised in the Institute garden.  Again CERS fully supported the Institute Committee in doing this.

A discussion then took place regarding having a disco in the evening.  CERS asked Trish if she would enquire if the Institute Committee would donate the use of the hall to us for the evening if we charged £1 per head and split the money 50-50.


5.3 Comedy Night

Les reported that he had spoken to Ray Crawford, who had quoted £450 which would include two up and comers; one headliner and him acting as the MC for the evening.  Ray had suggested rows of chairs with a standing area at the back.  It was agreed that there would be eighty tickets for sale at £10 per ticket.  It was agreed that Les would ask Mark if he would run a bar for us.  It was decided that the date for the event would be 11th June – Dawn to check availability of the Institute with their Bookings Secretary; once this had been confirmed Les agreed to check availability with Ray.













































Hire of Equipment

The pub has asked if they can hire the smoke machine for an event they are holding at the end of the week.  It was agreed that they could do this if they made a donation to CERS.


A request from Josie Byford has been made to hire the lighting kit on 21st May for the Village Institute Spring Ball.  It was agreed that a charge of £20 should be made for this.




Nothing more has happened regarding the Village Walk.



Any Other Business

After a brief discussion regarding co-ordinating village events, it was agreed that Dawn would talk to the Secretaries of other Committees to see if a Village Calendar of Events could be set up.


PAT Testing – all the equipment has now been tested, and passed.  There will be a charge of £1.75 per item.  The Institute will invoice us for this.


Phil suggested that a member of the Institute Committee attend each of our meetings.  Trish agreed to put this forward to them.











Date and Time of Next Meeting

11th April at 8.00 pm in The Royal Oak Public House




Minutes of a meeting of Church Eaton Recreational Society (CERS)
held at the Royal Oak at 8.00 pm on Tuesday 9th November 2010.

Present: Mr J Barnett, Mr L Beattie, Mr T Houghton, Mr M Smith, Mr N Lakin

In attendance: Mr B Stamp

Apologies: Mr P Jones, Mrs D Jones, Mr J Bryan

Mr Barnett explained the invitation to tender specifications and the evaluation process which had been used by Messrs Bryan, Jones, Barnett and Beattie to decide on the preferred supplier following receipt of quotations from three companies. The preferred supplier is “Fresh Air Fitness”.

The quotation preferred was examined by those present. In summary, the quotation is for eight pieces of equipment, two of which are doubles. The equipment is guaranteed for five years and spares will be available for at least seven years. There will be an inspection after one year and any necessary repairs will be carried out. For future years, a service contract is available at a cost of £600 p.a. The total price of the equipment, installation, training and first year inspection, is a shade under £15,000 including VAT at 20%. Payment terms are 25% with order, 30% on installation with the balance due one month after completion.

The Parish Council has expressed concerns regarding the regular inspections but the supplier has agreed to train three people in basic inspection and maintenance. Mr John Green, who attended last week’s Parish Council meeting, has confirmed that, as an engineer, he will be happy to be included in the “trainees”.

The Parish Council also feel that a “memorandum of agreement” covering insurance etc should be drawn up.

As owners of the play park, the Parish Council will be involved in decisions regarding number of items and their location. As the PC also have concerns regarding the danger of moving parts harming children, it may be necessary to segregate the equipment from the children’s play equipment.

Mr Smith felt that the installation costs were rather high and it was agreed that we attempt to negotiate a reduction when we were in a position to place an order.

As the preferred supplier is based in Kent, members expressed concern that emergency repairs may be difficult to arrange. We will be visiting local sites where similar equipment is installed and will talk to the owners of those sites about their experience in this area.

Mr Stamp complimented Mr Barnett for the very professional tendering and evaluation process and all present agreed that the application should proceed.

The preferred quotation does not include a basketball hoop but a hoop can be obtained elsewhere at a cost of around £1,400. Mr Barnett mentioned that the grant application includes over £1,000 for launch and promotion and it was almost certain that there would be a substantial under spend in this area.




TO BE HELD AT 7:30 PM ON Tuesday 20 April 2010



1. Apologies for Absence

2. Previous Minutes

4. Financial Report

4.1 Insurance

4.2 Disco Equipment

5. Outdoor Exercise Equipment / Grants

6. Village Playground

7. Press Communications – Mark Winnington

8. Allotment Update

9. Events

9.1 Football Coaching

9.2 Village Walk

9.3 Others

10. Charitable Status

11. AOB

12. Next Meeting


Church Eaton Recreational Society 09/02/2010
The Royal Oak, Church Eaton
Meeting called by: Jonathan Bryan Type of meeting: Ordinary
Note taker: Les Beattie
Attendees: J Bryan (in the chair), R Carless, T Houghton, M Smith, Mrs K Smith, R Howarth, J Brooks, L Beattie, P Jones, N Lakin

Apologies: M Bennett

Minutes of the previous meeting, held on 12th January 2010 were taken as read and approved, subject to a correction. Mr Houghton (Item 9.2) had not suggested that the Ramble should be a monthly event.

Matters arising from those minutes:-

Basketball Hoop:

Mr Smith stressed that the moneys raised initially, particularly the promises auction, were given by people who believed the donations would be used to provide equipment for teenagers so the basketball equipment should be a priority.

If we go ahead with this outside the grant application mentioned below, it would be better to allow the Parish Council to buy the equipment as they can reclaim VAT. We would make a donation to the council equivalent to the net cost (Approx £1,142).

Open Air Gym Equipment:

Mr Brooks has thoroughly researched the availability and costs and established that there are at least two sources of grant, which will cover the cost of the gym equipment and the basketball hoop. It was agreed that we should aim to prepare a grant application within the next six weeks. Mr Jones will oversee the project. The suggested equipment would cost around £10,000. It was again stressed that the Parish Council’s approval will be required but, after the presentation made to the council by Dr Lorna McColl, it is unlikely that there will be any objection.


A withdrawal form to pay the premium of £394.56 was authorised. The Festival Committee has considered the suggestion that the Festival could operate within the cover arranged for CERS. The Parish Council normally contributes £100 toward the cost of insurance so this would be paid to CERS. Fireworks would have to be covered by the Institute.


Mr Houghton reported that he, with Nick Lakin and Eric Rogers, had met the landowner on site and he felt that it was a very positive meeting. The landowner is to discuss the matter with his neighbours, John Hitchens and David Gough. Any arrangement with the landowner will be between him and an allotments group but it is possible that CERS insurance cover could be applied to the site. It is also possible that the provision of hard standing and "roadways" could be incorporated in our grant application.

Soccer Coaching:

Despite resistance from the headmaster, the coaching will go ahead as planned on the school field. Mr Jones has completed the necessary agreement, which covers field and goalposts. Mr Howarth has accepted the responsibility for completing a risk assessment.


After payment of the insurance premium, the balance will be £1,333.57.

Disco Equipment:

The equipment has been hired out on two occasions.


The walk will start at the Royal Oak at 2.00 pm on Sunday March 7th. John Edwards will provide information on local history as relevant areas are traversed. The route is around 3 miles so most walkers will be back at the Royal Oak by 3.30 where they can enjoy "chip butties". We will attempt to publicise the walk in the March Parish Magazine.

Rock Band 6th March:

This event has been postponed, principally because of uncertainty surrounding the Institute’s licence. The Institute committee are meeting later this week so the matter should be resolved in the near future. It was suggested that, if we are leaving the event until later in the year, we may hold it outdoors. We will need to establish if a temporary licence would be required for an outside event.

Charitable Status:

Charitable status could help in a number of ways, not least in grant applications. Mr Carless will investigate the requirements and make the application.

County Council:

The grant received from the County Council was supposed to be followed by some publicity to acknowledge the Council’s help. Mr Bryan will arrange a suitable "Photo Opportunity" involving Councillor Winnington.

Village Playground:

Mr Houghton agreed to check the access to the playground, particularly with regard to the disabled.

Additional Facilities:

A Petanque / Boules court was mentioned, to be sited either in the playground or at the Institute. The cost would be low as it would require only gravel or sand.

Child Protection:

Mr Houghton confirmed that there are no problems with family events, walks, parties etc where parents are present. Soccer coaching does require the necessary measures to be in force and he undertook to ensure compliance.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held in the Royal Oak at 7.30 pm on April 20th.


1. Actions are detailed within minute items.

Minutes of Meeting 12th January 2010

Church Eaton Recreational Society




The Royal Oak, Church Eaton

Meeting called by:

Phil Jones

Type of meeting:




Note taker:

Phil Jones






Les Beattie, Jonathan Bryan, James Brooks, Trevor Houghton, John Edwards, Rob Carless




 1.     Apologies

Ralph Howarth, Mark Winnington, Barry Stamp, Martin Smith, Karen Smith, Nick Lakin, James Barnett

2.     Minutes 22/07/2009

2.1. The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed.

2.2. Matters arising

2.2.1.   Trevor asked about the outstanding payment to the Parish Council and Les responded that he had the withdrawal form to cover the payment.

2.2.2.   John asked whether the previous minutes could be published on the village website.  There were no objections to this.

2.2.3.   John also requested that the minutes be distributed earlier.  Jonathan and Phil admitted to a breakdown in communication in this regard and that they would distribute the minutes well in advance of future meetings.

3.     Financial Report – Les

3.1. Balance £1,928.13.  No change apart from the payments agreed at the previous meeting

4.     Football Training

4.1. Set for 27th February on the school field

4.2. Permission has been given by the Head Teacher for the use of the school field subject to:

4.2.1.   Adequate insurance provision in place

4.2.2.   A rental fee being agreed with the Governors Finance Committee

4.2.3.   The field does not cut up ie the training does not take place if the field is too wet

4.2.4.   Jimmy agreed to produce a poster for this.  Phil will review

5.     Insurance

Jonathan had obtained an insurance quote for £394.56 which was for annual cover which would cover all of the society’s events and volunteers.  Phil will review the proposal and respond to Jonathan. 

Trevor and John discussed the opportunity to use this insurance policy to cover the festival events.  It was noted that this did not include firework cover.  Phil will pass the policy to Trevor to review and discuss with the festival committee.

The group then debated whether taking on such a commitment was sensible.  The consensus was that the society should take out this type of cover.

6.     Basketball Hoop etc

6.1. Martin had provided costs for the basketball hoop of £1,314.45 for supply and installation.  The group then considered and provided opinions:

Rob:- Good idea but too expensive at the moment.  Raise more money.

Trevor:- Agreed with Rob

John:- wants a breakdown of costs but thinks it is too expensive at the moment

Phil:- suggested that this should be a project with a target of the summer holidays

Les:- thinks given the current funds, it is too expensive

Jimmy:- thinks it is expensive and would like to consider alternatives

6.2. Trevor passed around details of open air gym equipment that could be installed in the play park.  The group agreed that in principle this was a good idea and should investigate it further. Jimmy agreed to undertake the investigation and research what grants are available.

7.     Allotments

Trevor reported that he and some others will be meeting with Paul, the owner of, Apeton Manor Farm to discuss the possibility of using some land for allotments.  They would like to consider 10 plots.  If an agreement can be reached then a Church Eaton Allotments Society would be formed which could be associated with C.E.R.S.

Trevor agreed to advise Jonathan and Phil of the outcome of the meeting.

8.     Disco Equipment

Rob and Phil informed the society about the New Years Eve party to raise funds to purchase some disco equipment for the village.

8.1. The disco equipment was purchased at a cost of £832.80.  This includes the sound system, smoke machine, lighting gantry, lights and a laser light.

8.2. The event raised the following funds:

·        Ticket sales 287.50

·        Raffle £81.00

·        Pledges £400.00

·        Total £768.50

·        Expenses Hall hire, balloons etc £101.00

·        Total raised towards equipment £667.50

·        Shortfall £165.30

8.3. Jonathan proposed that C.E.R.S. fund the shortfall and adopt the equipment.  This was agreed.

8.4. Use of the equipment will be subject to a nominal rental and a restriction of being for the village.  It was thought that the term ‘belonging to the Parish of’ was too restrictive.  Les will produce some appropriate wording.

8.5. A rental agreement needs to be developed.  Phil and Rob will draft this and Les will review.

9.     Future Events

9.1.  Rock band in the village institute March 6th.  Phil will promote this.

9.2. Trevor suggested that a ramble should be scheduled every month.  It was agreed that the first would take place on Sunday March 7th at 2pm.  To start and finish at the Oak with butties and chips.  Jimmy agreed to promote the ramble.  Phil agreed to ask Mark Stockhall about providing the ‘butties and chips’.

9.3. Rob proposed that C.E.R.S. should stage Friday night festival event.  It was agreed and Rob agreed to link up with the Festival Committee to arrange the details.

10. Promise Auction

Clive Jones has been unable to arrange a riding lesson promised to him.  It was agreed that C.E.R.S. would refund £35.00 to Clive.

11. Other Business


12. Next Meeting Tuesday 9th February 19:30


1.     Actions are detailed within minute items.

Minutes of Meeting 24th November 2009

Church Eaton Recreational Society




The Royal Oak, Church Eaton

Meeting called by:

Phil Jones

Type of meeting:




Note taker:

Phil Jones






Les Beattie, Nick Lakin, Jonathan Bryan, James Brooks, Karen Smith, Marty Smith, Eric Rogers, James Barnett, Barry Stamp




1.     Apologies

Ralph Howarth, John Edwards, Josie Byford, Trevor Houghton, Lorna Hughes and Mark Winnington

2.     Minutes 22/07/2009 - Phil

2.1. The previous minutes were not reviewed in detail.  It was felt that due to the length of time, the fact that they were not issued and that the attendees of the previous meeting were largely absent, there would be no benefit in undertaking a detailed review.  Phil stated that he had a copy and should anyone wish to read them, they should contact him.

3.     Background – Barry

3.1.  Barry gave a summary of the history of the society

4.     Does the Society Have a Future? – All open discussion

4.1.  A discussion then took place on whether the society had a future and whether it could add any further value to the village.  The following observations were made:

·      The society had started with a great deal of optimism and support from the village

·      It has been very successful at raising funds

·      During the late summer its progress had been hindered by a clash of personalities

·      The lack of progress and no communication has caused a lack of confidence in the society

·      The point above may have been a factor in the society being overlooked when festival funds were being allocated

·      Finances are healthy

·      The society should support all age groups and not concentrate on teenagers

4.2. The conclusion was that the society certainly did have a future and that it should continue to look at extending recreational activities for the village covering all age groups.

5.     Election of Officers

5.1.  Phil reminded the meeting who were the current officers

·        Chairperson:                        Clive Jones

·        Vice Chairperson:                  Barry Stamp

·        Honorary Secretary:              Phil Jones

·        Honorary Treasurer:             Les Beattie

·        Communications Secretary:  Josie Byford

5.2.  Resignations

Clive Jones has resigned as Chairperson and Josie Byford as Communications Secretary.  Josie has stated that she would be happy to help with any future society events.

5.3. Phil proposed Jonathan Bryan as Chairperson, this was seconded by Barry and voted unanimously.

5.4. Les nominated Nick as Communications Secretary, this was seconded by Phil and voted unanimously.

6.     Financial Report – Les

·        Balance £2,708.95

·        Withdrawals from 22/07/2009 none

·        Income from 22/07/2009

o       Church Eaton Charities Donation £250.00

o       Staffordshire County Council (Mark Winnington) £850.00

o       Interest £0.36

6.1. Liabilities

6.1.1.   Youth Club Wii.  At a previous meeting, 30/06/2009, it had been agreed that the society would purchase a Wii for Church Eaton Youth Club.  The Youth Club has purchased a Wii package, including some games, to the value of £320.80.  The Youth Club requested a contribution towards the package.  Phil proposed that the society cover the full cost of the package, this was seconded by Jonathan and unanimously accepted.

6.1.2.   Church Eaton Parish.  As part of the ‘Ball Wall’ project a fence was erected in the playground.  The Parish Council paid for this work until the society could raise the necessary funding.  Barry reported that the society owed the Parish Council £250.00 for the fencing work.

7.     Future Projects

7.1. Nick suggested an Allotment project

7.2. Marty suggested installing a basketball hoop and matting adjacent to the ball wall.  Nick offered to obtain a quote.

7.3. Phil suggested a Boule Piste on the institute car park. 

8.     Events

8.1. Phil proposed a rock band in the Village Institute. It was agreed that this was a good idea and that February would be a good time.  Phil and Jim offered to take this forward.

8.2. Barry suggested a combining an event with another village body.

8.3. Phil suggested Jimmy could hold another football coaching session.  Jimmy will take this forward and try to secure the support of Clive to run this session after Christmas.

8.4. Jimmy suggested organising a walk, he will look for a suitable walk to promote.

8.5. Jonathan suggested that the society should aim for an event every quarter.

9.     Next Meeting should be held in the middle of January.  The date will be confirmed by Jonathan in due course.

10. AOB

10.1.                  Staffs County Council Mark Winnington promotional / press coverage.  As a condition of the grant from Staffs County Council, the society agreed to undertake some promotional / press activity with Mark Winnington.  Nick will take this forward.

10.2.                  Marty has asked John Edwards to rename the Goalposts blog to the Recreational Society blog.


1.     Actions are detailed within minute items.

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