Q.   Why would you want me to be your caller?

A.       I have over 30 years experience in calling for such events.

    I can provide a wide variety of dances, appropriate to the age and experience of the dancers.

    I have my own Public address system and, if you elect not to have a band, I can provide "canned" music.

    I have no hang-ups about you getting dances right - only that you enjoy trying!

    I concentrate on the simpler end of the market. I like beginners, because they have to listen to me!

    (If you want complicated dances for experts I may be able to cope, if not will find someone suitable.)

    I can advise on the arrangements for such events. [See other pages on this site].

Some more personal details.

It is now 9 years since I retired from ALSTOM, Stafford, where I was Quality Manager. The idea that I would have more time to devote to being a barn dance caller, simply didn't happen.

I am a member of the English Folk Dance and Song Society and have supported both their aims and events for many years/

I have been Squire of Stafford Morris Men, so I have interests in many types of dance. [Not that I am trying to turn you into Morris dancers, but if you want to know more about them try www.staffordmorris.org.uk ]


The Event The Location The Timing The Cost The Music The Organisation
Why are you running the event? Where will you hold it ? When should you hold it ? What is your budget ? Caller and Band Food, Tickets Adverts, etc.
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