The Music

A dance without music is a pretty boring affair, so it must be provided.

There are two principal options "Live" or "Recorded".

Real musicians actually making the music in the hall is by far the best for atmosphere, but they do cost more than someone with a box of tapes, records or CDs. Why do you think Discos are so popular. If you had the actual artists at the event the costs would be prohibitive.

On the smaller scale; if you can get enough people into the hall, (at a price they are prepared to pay), then book a band. If the event will not be viable with a band, then ask the caller to provide the music.

You cannot expect a normal discotheque to have the kind of music required for such an event.

There are a number of technical reasons why a caller needs special equipment to provide the music for a barn dance.

The caller will want to talk all the way through a dance. DJs only talk between tracks, so some disco kit reduces the music volume when the microphone is used.

Another problem is being able to tailor the speed of the music to the dancers. You can ask a band to speed up or slow down, but you cannot do that with most CD players.

I use variable speed players for tapes or vinyl discs and I have just bought a Pitch Controllable Minidisk deck, which may be the way for the future.

All this is specialist equipment and you cannot assume that all callers will have it, especially if they normally work only with bands.


The Event The Location The Timing The Cost The Music The Organisation
Why are you running the event? Where will you hold it ? When should you hold it ? What is your budget ? Caller and Band Food, Tickets Adverts, etc.
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