The Cost

There are a number of expenses involved in running such an event:

If this an 'after wedding' party, then the costs will be relatively insignificant. On the other hand, if it has to be self financing, or profit making, the situation is totally different.

For 'local' events you are looking at a cost of 75 to 100 for the Caller and 70 to 100 per Band Member. There may be travelling expenses in addition if any of the parties have to travel long distances.

It is possible to have an excellent evening with a caller and 2 piece band for 250.  As usual, you get what pay for, but  it certainly does not follow that cheap bands are poor bands.

There is no point in paying 800 and engaging a specialist band, capable of playing 18th century music, if the audience does not include a large percentage of experienced dancers able to take advantage of their skills.

It is best to work on about 5.00 per ticket for the music and caller. If you only expect 30 people to attend then you may be better off with records. If your venue and support mean that 150 people will attend, then a four or five piece band and caller is a viable option.

If you are not familiar with the scene it is advisable to discuss you needs and your budget with the Caller and let him or her make the arrangements with the band. I have had a number of bad experiences where customers have  insisted on booking the band. On one occasion the customer discovered that they were a Pop Group, with no knowledge of Barn Dance music. He eventually paid them to go home and I did the rest of the event with records. Very silly, but not unique! Another man asked several of his friends from an orchestra to play for the event - all the notes were correct, but the "Atmosphere" was non-existent.

The Event The Location The Timing The Cost The Music The Organisation
Why are you running the event? Where will you hold it ? When should you hold it ? What is your budget ? Caller and Band Food, Tickets Adverts, etc.
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