John Edwards

If you are looking for a Caller

For your
Barn Dance

Ceilidh, Knees-up, Tramps Supper, Ho-Down;

Birthday, Anniversary or Retirement Party, etc.

within striking distance of Stafford, I may be able to help.

I work with bands, or recorded music.

However, since I retired, I am not keen to do too many bookings. They tend to mess up holidays and other commitments, so I am currently doing short notice events, or situations where other callers have been taken ill, etc.

You can contact me at: john @
(remove spaces)

or write to:

5, Oak Close, Church Eaton, Stafford, ST20 0AQ

or ring me at:

Stafford (O1785) 823O67

It it's too far away, or I do not want to do your event, I may be able to recommend a local caller.

If you want to know more about me and my credentials click box below.

Why Me

The following pages give some advice on how to go about running such an event.

The Event The Location The Timing The Cost The Music The Organisation
Why are you running the event? Where will you hold it ? When should you hold it ? What is your budget ? Caller and Band Food, Tickets Adverts, etc.

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