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Ruth Dodsworth's Machine Appliqué Version of the Betley Window.
Ruth Dodsworth's Machine Appliqué Copy

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In about 1984, Ruth Dodsworth, Dance Teacher for Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers from Harrogate, was at the Redcar Folk Festival and came across the Betley Window in the form of a set of three postcards. Ruth decided to make a copy using machine appliqué, and to mount each of the Window's panels in its own frame.

So the postcard pictures were photocopied and enlarged, then used as a pattern from which material shapes could be cut. These shapes were strengthened with iron-on Vilene before being sewn on with a sewing machine using a zig-zag stitch. The piece was completed around 1985/1986.

Each panel is in a frame 16 inches by 12 inches; and the set of frames, as shown left, graces the landing of Ruth and Ted's home in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK.

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Arrow Guided Tour: The next version of the Window, in chronological order, is an etched glass representation by Susan McKenney.