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Betley Window - References and Acknowledgements


I have explicitly quoted from the following texts. All copyrights are acknowledged.


I am grateful to the following for providing me with help - some great, some small - on this little project. All mistakes are entirely down to me, and these people do not necessarily concur with what I have written:
Susan Ashworth, Alison Bailey, Lester Bailey, Gertraude Benoehr, Freda Brown, Godfrey Brown, David Buchanan, Patrick Corness, Mike Crist ('Eustace'), Sarah Crofts, Mike Darlington, Ruth Dodsworth, Ted Dodsworth, Janet Dowling, John Edwards, John Elkins, Dominic Farr, John Forrest, John Frearson, Philip Green, Mike Heaney, Robin Hildyard, Jenny Howard, Julie James, Sally-Beth MacLean, Anne McCormack, Susan McKenney, Chris Metherell, Chris Mitchell, Michael Peover, Jerome Price, Emma Rummins, Pat Spode, Malcolm Taylor, Tony Tomlin, Steve Tunnicliff, Liza Verity - and "rcb" of Canterbury Books (whoever he or she may be).