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The Illustrious Order of Fools and Beasts Herald August 2009


Bloxham (near Banbury) to host next year’s Unconvention. Includes tour of Hook Norton Brewery – dates to be announced.

This is the first bulletin I have written, and for all members to receive a copy I need e-mail addresses, or for technophobes, real addresses! Also, Pete De Courcy is attempting to form a Membership list – so if you know of someone else who is a Member, please e-mail details to Pete at

Thanks – Robert (editor!). Contact me on about anything Fooly and Beasty!

Utrecht – Getting there!

Some of us from the West country are going by plane from Exeter – if anyone else wants to join us, please let Robert know. Utrecht Morris Men may be able to arrange pick ups from various places – I am in contact with them and will let you know the best way of organising this; although rail from Schiphol to Utrecht is direct – about 20mins.

New Badges

The design has gone to three different firms for quotes – but it is looking like a price to members of around £4 for both the enamel and cloth badges. The badge shows both a Fool/Jester and a character on a Saddle Horse, thus reflecting both fools and beasts on one badge. All will be revealed at the launch at Utrecht!

Banbury Hobby Horse Festival

A number of members attended the Hobby Horse weekend at the beginning of July, including Dennis, Trigger and Knotty – and that’s just the Beasts! Generally, we had good weather, and the great thing about this Festival is the ingenuity of the Beasts made for both the Saturday and Sunday Parades – see picture for one example! The last two years have suffered from lack of participants, but I am assured next year will be bigger again, with the Feast back in the Town Hall. For more pics and info, visit  there are are some great pics from this year.
Next year’s dates are July 2nd-4th 2010 – don’t miss it.

Dave’s Pic’s

Those of you who attended the Unconvention at Stafford may remember the chap that Julian (Fool, Plymouth) brought along. His name is Dave Folley. and he took LOADS of photos – we all wondered what he was going to do with them – it turns out he is an artist, and together with some paintings of Plym- outh Morris, he has produced four pictures from photos he took at Stafford.

The one illustrated here shows Trigger doing his Jig to the accompaniment of Verna Wass (Bloxham) on the fiddle, to the tune of "Blue Eyed Stranger". The other pictures were of Max Haynes (Stafford), John Jenner (Cambridge) and the youngsters of Ashley’s Rise (Bristol). A great representation of the diversity that the Illustrious Order has become.

For more of Dave’s pictures, visit 


We are now a JMO!

We were originally a group within the Morris Ring, then for insurance purposes became an Associate Side in 2005. Since 2002, we have welcomed members from all three Morris Organisations – so now the Order is a member of the Federation and the Open Morris as well – so we are truly a Joint Morris Organisation!

Utrecht 23rd-25th Oktober 2009 – Book NOW!

The last date for applications for this year’s Unconvention is October 4th 2009 – so please let Robert know if you intend coming by then at the latest – sooner if possible, with payment –which still stands at £65, (75 Euros). Booking form is at:

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