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The 2009 Illustrious Order Newsletter can be read here

Banbury Hobby Horse Festival

This takes place at the beginning of July each year, and is a gathering, not just of Hobby Horses, but other Beasts as well. Based in and around Banbury, we start on the Friday with an informal get-together. On Saturday there are tours around Banbury, usually with some visiting morris sides. On Sunday, we join in on the Banbury Civic Parade to the People's Park, where we join in the fun - and can even join in the famous Hobby Horse Race!

Cost of the weekend is minimal: it is basically self catering, a Feast at the Town Hall is organised on the Saturday evening. Free (basic) camping is at St Mary's Primary School; if you want something a little more star rated, then try Bo-Peep camping site at Adderbury, or even one of the hotels and guest houses in the town.

Information: Adrian Lay, or Verna Wass


Horse wins prize at the John Gasson
Memorial Jigs competition at Sidmouth 2010.

'Horse' and fellow members of Bristol Morris Men claimed the Audience Appeal prize.
They danced a Horse and Jockey version of "Jockey to the Fair". Well Done!


Knotty on the Plinth

We managed to get a place on the Trafalgar Square Plinth from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. on 8th October 2009.

To see the short archived version of our performance go to:

That should also get you to our profiles.

John was not expecting anyone to watch us at that time in the morning, but quite a lot of people were around to heckle and learn about Morris and our F&B activities. Indeed, one said it was the best lecture he had ever been to at 3 o'clock in the morning!

Sadly no Morris Dancers appeared.


The 2009 Illustrious Order Newsletter can be read here

or here if the pdf does not contain all the information

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