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There's bound to be

one along in a minute.

"Do you charge for animals?"

Tim has difficulties

talking to a Scottish horse.


(It's probably the Devon accent!)

John on Dennis (from Ashley's Rise) causing some

consternation to a young passer-by

Verna attempts to keep

Ellie under control

Clara went green even

before the dancing started


Bilge, the Rat from

Plymouth, prepares

for mischief.

Alexander, the Banochry fool,

making sure nobody steals his chair

"Why must I be a

Wyvern in love?"

Jamie from Green Oak can

always find time for a

Tea Break.


Julian (the Squire of Fools)

in typical lecherous pose!

[He has a thing about Wyverns]

Maarten from Helmond explaining

'Fools and Beasts' to a Spectator,

who seems to think it's

Double Dutch.


Simon Pipe amazes Ripley

Morris with his dancing skills

The Leicester Fox

has seen it

all before.


Ashley with three assistants

dancing the

"Horses Hay"


If you thought Unicorns were

mythical; they know different

in Ripley.


Jack Brown may be a

Septuagenarian, but

when it comes to Jigs

he's livelier than most!


His grandson Max found his crutches

made dancing a bit difficult this weekend.


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